For long-term support from the 11th year

Ten years have passed since the earthquake.Children are leaving the nest, and middle-aged and older people
I'm getting older.Correspondingly, the shapes of territorial, blood, and occupational ties are changing.


In the next 10 and 20 years, generational changes will come equally.Global environmental changes represented by the new coronavirus will also affect the reconstruction and revitalization of the affected areas.However, human beings gather the wisdom to confront the disaster and confront it.


As a team of disaster mental health experts, Kokorogake will continue to learn from the past, flexibly respond to what is needed now, and share preparations for the future.


Union is Power!


Mitsuru Suzuki, Chairman of Iwate, a non-profit organization

Our organization is featured in the special feature "3.11 Planning and Overcoming Power" of Yahoo! JAPAN.

We would like to thank all of you for your great support in this special feature last year.
Our organization is also featured in the 2021 Yahoo! JAPAN special feature, so please take a look along with the special feature page.


▼ "3.11 Planning Power to Overcome"


▼ Our organization 2020 activity report


▼ "Yahoo! Net Fundraising" page


# 311 Donations are power

This year as well, we are holding a "lottery donation" through Yahoo! Japan online donations (until the end of May).

Currently, we are conducting a "lottery donation" where prizes from sponsor companies that support our mental activities are won by lottery through Yahoo! Japan online donations.This year, from Saito Matsugetsudo Co., Ltd. Matsuno Kaoru Ichinoseki (Hotel Sunroute Ichinoseki), "Hotel Sunroute Ichinoseki (Hotel Sunroute Ichinoseki) pair accommodation voucher (with breakfast and Hiraizumi Unigohan station lunch)" for 2 people We have you provide it.

The fund-raising page also summarizes recent activities for mental health, so please take this opportunity to take a look and support us.

Notice of Online Information Exchange Meeting for Japanese Mental Health Measures

The "Online Information Exchange Meeting for Mental Health Measures for Japanese Residents in Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East" sponsored by Kokorogake will be held as follows.Please refer to the PDF document for details.If you are interested in the mental health of Japanese residents overseas, please apply from the application form and join us.


Date and time:

Friday, February 2021, 2 12:12 – 14:14 Thailand time (16:XNUMX-XNUMX:XNUMX Japan time)



  1. A symposium-style online information exchange meeting using ZOOM (Japanese).
  2. A total of four Japanese midwives living in Thailand, Japanese doctors living in Australia, Japanese psychologists living in Singapore, and Japanese psychologists living in Jordan will provide topics on reports of work / life changes due to pandemics and related mental health measures for Japanese residents. ..In the general discussion after the topic is provided, measures at the individual level and the community level will be discussed.
  3. The main participants are Japanese residents involved in interpersonal assistance (medical / nursing / psycho-education personnel, corporate personnel personnel, etc.).Researchers who are interested in the mental health of Japanese residents overseas.The first 200 people are scheduled.

Please see this PDF file for details.

Participation application form:

New Year Greetings

Happy new year.


Thank you very much for your help last year.In Kokorogake, we looked back on the disaster area support activities over 10 years and summarized the "trajectory for reconstruction".Just before that was the global epidemic of the new coronavirus.
Regeneration of territorial, blood, and occupational ties that have finally taken off has been stalled due to movement restrictions aimed at controlling infection."I can't meet the people I want to meet" during Obon, festivals, and New Year is really sad.


Still, humanity is learning how to deal with invisible viruses.In Kokorogake, we will introduce ways to alleviate the anxiety caused by infectious diseases and how to "get rid of it even though you can't meet".
Once again, Union is Power! I would like to gather wisdom and power in the spirit of "do it together."


We look forward to working with you this year as well.


Authorized NPO corporation heart bridge Iwate
Chairman Mitsuru Suzuki

Recruitment of i-MgNT (Love Mago Hands) project participants

Participated in the project "i-MgNT (Ai no Mago no Te)", an individual online support project for the elderly living in the disaster area, which was reported at the Tohoku Mirai Creation Forum on Sunday, December 12th. We are looking for cooperators (elderly people and supporters) who can help us.


If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact the Iwate Secretariat.


Bridge of the heart Iwate Secretariat:

Project details

Report from Tohoku Mirai Creation Forum was published in Iwate Nippo

Reported at the Tohoku Mirai Creation Forum on Sunday, December 12th, "Online disaster area support project that is expected to spread in the wake of the new corona pandemic" Individual online support project for elderly people living in the disaster area The state of "i-MgNT (Ai no Mago no Te)" was published in the Iwate Nippo on December 6th.

* Iwate Nippo dated December 2020, 12
* This article is reprinted with the permission of Iwate Nippo.

Announcement of Tohoku Mirai Creation Forum

The annual "Tohoku Mirai Creation Summer School" will be held online this year as the "Tohoku Mirai Creation Forum" from 12:6 on Sunday, December 10th.


From the heart, Chairman Suzuki took the stage, and in the "Online disaster area support project that is expected to spread with the new corona pandemic", the ongoing project "Individual online support for elderly people living in the disaster area" I would like to report on "Business i-MgNT (Love's Mago's Hand)".


No pre-registration or participation fee is required, and anyone can participate.We look forward to your participation.

Notice of publication of Kokorogake archive materials

This time, Kokorogake has created an archive material that summarizes the activities of the past 10 years and posted the contents related to the main activities on the homepage.
(This booklet was produced with the support of "Takeda Life and Living Revitalization Program (Takeda Pharmaceutical x Japan NPO Center Collaboration Project)".)


Once again, we would like to thank you for your support and cooperation in our activities so far.Thank you for your continued support.


Notification of renewal of certified NPO

In March 2020, the renewal of a certified NPO was approved for the non-profit organization, Kokoro-Bashi, and the second term as a certified NPO was started.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to individuals and organizations, local residents and members of the community who support us through donations.

The intention is to continue to work as a multidisciplinary team of disaster mental health professionals while adapting to the changing needs of local mental health.
Thank you for your continued support.


Chairman Mitsuru Suzuki