A collection of Kokorogake case studies has been published on the Cabinet Secretariat website.

Kokorogake's activities were posted on the homepage of the Cabinet Secretariat's National Resilience Promotion Office.

National resilience collection of private sector initiatives (April 2020)

(P103. [Supporting recovery and reconstruction] Improving self-help skills and supporting mental health during the recovery period through courses on how to use ICT equipment for the elderly)
 Please have a look.

Report on the “Overseas Japanese Nationals Support Forum” sponsored by our corporation

On February 2th of this year, we held a "Support Forum for Japanese Overseas" at Nihonbashi AGORA Cafe. Our articles of incorporation state "international cooperation" in order to inherit Nitobe Inazo's philosophy of "Think Globally, Act Locally." The day was attended by 7 people from industry, academia, government and the private sector who are involved not only in supporting Japanese people overseas, but also in supporting foreigners living in Japan, as well as domestic and international support activities in large-scale emergencies. We would also like to inform you that we received a total of 40 yen in donations in the Noto Peninsula Earthquake Recovery Donation Box set up at the venue, and the money was sent to and accepted by the Red Feather Community Chest. The following is the schedule of the conference.

Part 1 19:00-19:40
Introduction by the author of books related to support for Japanese people overseas

(Titles omitted)
“Overseas Life Stress Syndrome” (Kobundo 2023) Mitsuru Suzuki
“Days of difficulty beyond imagination” (Pyongyeon Jihosha 2023) Koichi Nakamoto
“Virus and Diplomacy” (Fusosha 2020) Hito Koga
“Overseas Healthy Living Q&A” (Keidanren Publishing 2017) Atsuro Hamada

Part 2 19:40-21:30 Social gathering

At the venue, we exhibited books related to support for Japanese people overseas and support in large-scale emergencies, and participants were given a book of their choice. Thank you to everyone who donated books. Live performances by musical actress Mai Nishioka and others were also performed.

Nagomi disaster recovery mental health training session starts here - Useful know-how for supporting disaster-stricken areas - Announcement of on-demand delivery

We would like to share with you the details of the training session "Nagomi disaster recovery mental health training session starting from here - useful know-how for supporting disaster-stricken areas" held on Saturday, February 2024, 2 by organizations active in the three disaster-stricken prefectures. Masu. Please take a look.


Greetings from the organizer

Iwate Kokorogake edition
“Countermeasures against the loneliness of regular disaster victims through hybrid support”

Miyagi/Karakoro edition
“Ojikoro: A new measure against loneliness and isolation born from support for disaster-stricken areas”

Fukushima/Nagomi Edition
“If you encounter isolation and loneliness, where should you connect? What should you do?


General discussion
“Sharing long-term mental health support know-how after large-scale natural disasters”

Announcement of Paper Craft Salon

paper craft salon
-Mini smartphone class & health consultation held simultaneously-


Date and time: Thursday, February 2024, 2 22:13-30:16
Location: Kokorogake Otsuchi Base (formerly Ueda Clinic temporary clinic)


☆Free participation fee
☆No application required

We look forward to your participation!

New Year Greetings

I wish you all the best in the new year.


We would like to express our condolences to those who lost their lives in the massive earthquake that occurred on January 2024, 1, with its epicenter in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture, and we would like to express our deepest sympathies to all those affected. . I am sure that you are spending sleepless days as the irreplaceable material foundations that you have cultivated over many years have been shaken.


Our corporation continues to provide long-term mental health support activities in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, based on the philosophy of ``Union is Power,'' a phrase left behind by Inazo Nitobe, who visited the areas affected by the Showa Sanriku Earthquake in 1933. In the future, we hope to be able to help unite the power of support for the recovery, reconstruction, and revitalization of the Noto Peninsula region. We will continue to take steps to strengthen information dissemination in order to convey what we have learned so far to related parties.


We pray for a speedy recovery and good health for everyone.


Mitsuru Suzuki, Chairman of Iwate, a certified NPO

A Christmas fun party was held for "Ohanashi no Mori Matsubokkuri-tai"

December 12th Iwate's lively cheering squad! A ``Christmas fun party'' was held by the ``Ohanashi no Mori Matsubokuri-tai.''
Many people enjoyed it, and we received love calls from people saying, ``Please come again!''
Please take a look at the "Ohanashi no Mori Matsubokkuri-tai" blog for the day's events.

The lecture was published in Iwate Nippo

A lecture by Dr. Kiyoka Iwato was held on December 12th (Saturday) and was published in the Iwate Nippo.
On-demand distribution is also being prepared.
We will notify you when it is ready.
I would appreciate it if you could watch it.
*Iwate Nippo December 2023, 12
*This article is reprinted with permission from Iwate Nippo.