New Year greetings

Happy new year.
Would you like to have a peaceful new year?The new coronavirus is still lingering, and it seems that we have finally entered the era of with corona.


Kokorogake will continue to provide long-term mental health support activities in the affected areas while flexibly responding to changes in the epidemic.We will continue to send useful health information one after another on the heart channel.Please make use of the “Aimago no Te Project” to connect with your grandchildren even though you cannot meet them.


The inevitable reality of long-term support is aging and weathering.Aging is an issue not only for the affected residents, but also for the supporters.And in the turbulent social situation, the devastation of the Great East Japan Earthquake is fading.


As a countermeasure against these, Kokorogake has started working on the "Next Generation Leader Development Support Project". We will support the strengthening of the support capacity of young people participating in the Ai no Mago no Te Project.


For details, please see the activity introduction video on this website.

We look forward to working with you this year as well.


Authorized NPO corporation heart bridge (heart)

Chairman Mitsuru Suzuki