Announcement of “Registration for the Aging Era”

 Health lessons in the age of aging
~Prevent frailty (mental and physical weakness due to aging),Would you like to learn the wisdom to live a healthy and happy life?
Lecturer: Dr. Kiyoka Iwato
  (Sayaka Iwato)
Date and time: Saturday, July 12, 9: 13-00: 14
Location: [Morioka venue Megumi Kamecho Building 3rd floor]
   1-5-1-3F Nakanohashi Dori, Morioka City
   *Mr. Iwato will be speaking from the Morioka venue.
   [Otsuchi Venue Oshacchi Conference Room 2]
   1-15 Suehiro-cho, Otsuchi-cho, Kamimei-gun
●No application required (please come directly to the venue)
●You can watch online (if you wish to do so, please contact the Kokorogake Secretariat)
We look forward to your participation!