Nagomi disaster recovery mental health training session starts here - Useful know-how for supporting disaster-stricken areas - Announcement of on-demand delivery

We would like to share with you the details of the training session "Nagomi disaster recovery mental health training session starting from here - useful know-how for supporting disaster-stricken areas" held on Saturday, February 2024, 2 by organizations active in the three disaster-stricken prefectures. Masu. Please take a look.


Greetings from the organizer

Iwate Kokorogake edition
“Countermeasures against the loneliness of regular disaster victims through hybrid support”

Miyagi/Karakoro edition
“Ojikoro: A new measure against loneliness and isolation born from support for disaster-stricken areas”

Fukushima/Nagomi Edition
“If you encounter isolation and loneliness, where should you connect? What should you do?


General discussion
“Sharing long-term mental health support know-how after large-scale natural disasters”