About Specified Nonprofit (NPO)


“Specified” by an accredited NPO is a title given to organizations recognized by the government that the operating organization and business activities are appropriate and contribute to the enhancement of the public interest. It was thanks to everyone who supported the activities so far that we were able to acquire it in just three years since the establishment of the corporation. New York Japan Society and American Japanese Medical Association, Japanese Psychiatric Emergency Society, JAMSNET, JAMSNET Tokyo, Mitsubishi Corporation Reconstruction Support Foundation, Reconstruction Agency, Japan Platform, Rose Fund, JT, Red Feather, Iwate Prefecture, Iwate Medical University, Iwate I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the prefecture's Kokoro Care Center, Otsuchi Town Hall, Kamaishi Public Health Center, Iwate Prefectural Otsuchi Hospital, Tohoku Mirai Creation Summer School Executive Committee, and other organizations that have made donations.

Difference between “Specified Nonprofit Corporation” and “Nonprofit Corporation”

The “Specified Nonprofit Organization System (Specified NPO Corporation System)” is a system established as a tax incentive to support activities through donations to NPO corporations. Previously, the Commissioner of the National Tax Agency was accredited, but from April 24, Heisei XNUMX after the revision of the law, it was established as a new accreditation system accredited by the competent authority.
NPO corporations are relatively formally certified to determine whether they are “public interest groups”, whereas certified NPO corporations are subject to “more objective standards” in order to apply higher tax incentives. , Has a high public interest. "