Board Member


Mitsuru Suzuki

  • Chugai Pharmaceutical Industry Physician
  • Multicultural Psychiatric Association Japanese Resident Support Committee Representative
  • Director in charge of NPO JAMSNET Tokyo Mental Health

Executive Vice President

Asaho Hasegawa

  • Background: After graduating from Nagoya University School of Medicine, experienced medical resident at Showa University Fujigaoka Hospital
  • Acquired experience in psychiatric emergency at the Department of Psychiatry at Nippon Medical University, Fujigaoka Hospital, Showa University, and psychiatric psychiatry at Chiba Psychiatric Medical Center.
  • Director of the Japanese Society of Psychiatric Emergency since 2006
  • Currently Director of Wakamiya Hospital, Yamagata Prefectural Government
  • Japanese Psychiatric Emergency Society / Disaster Area Support Project Director

Director (From 2013 to 2020)

Hiroshi Yamanaka

  • After graduating from Shiga Medical University, completed initial training at Komaki City Hospital, Aichi Prefecture
  • Since 2003, he has been involved in psychiatric emergency medical care at the Chiba Psychiatric Medical Center.
  • In addition, with the visit to the stricken area caused by the Pinatubo eruption (1996) in 1991, he was involved in long-term support for the stricken area and multicultural issues.
  • Specialties: acute mental health care, multicultural issues
  • Currently chief of psychiatric medical center chiba

Director (since 2021)

Makoto Tada

  • Car maker designer
    Engaged in design development of sports cars, concept cars, etc.
    Tokyo Motor Show floor explainer
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturer Manufacturing Technology Section Manager
    In addition to engaging in development design and manufacturing management as the representative manager of the Iwate factory, he is in charge of technical sales in Japan and overseas.
  • Professor, Department of Design, Junior College (Product Design)
    In addition to student guidance, obtain a career consultant qualification and provide employment guidance
  • Principal of technical college
    Planning and holding the first mechanic PR event in Japan to secure auto mechanics and promote the industry (2019 Morioka)
  • Currently engaged in planning and managing public seminars for working adults, and in charge of lecturers in the design and industrial fields.
  • Representative of Japan Industrial Counselor Association, General Manager of Iwate Prefecture Administration Department, Tohoku Branch of the Association
  • Industrial counselor
  • Furniture hand processing first-class technician
  • Drone pilot

Koichi Nakamoto

  • Director of Oshu Public Health Center, Iwate Prefecture
  • doctor.medical doctor.Medical Association-certified industrial physician.Social medicine specialist/preceptor.
  • XNUMX Graduated from Hirosaki University School of Medicine.After graduating, he worked as a surgeon at a hospital affiliated with Yokohama City University School of Medicine.
  • XNUMX As a medical officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, worked as a medical officer at embassies and consulates general in Myanmar, Indonesia, India, New York, Tanzania and Ottawa.He provides medical care to Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff and their families, and provides medical consultations to Japanese residents.
  • XNUMX Participated in the launch of the Japanese Medical Support Network (Jam's Net) in New York.Jam's Net has since spread to Japan, Canada, Germany, Asia, Melbourne and Switzerland.
  • XNUMX Director of Clinic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • XNUMX Current position
  • Awards
     Kawaguchi Award (Foreign Minister's Award, XNUMX)
     Multicultural Psychiatry Association Award (XNUMX)
     Japan Medical Association Distinguished Service Award (XNUMX)


Shigeru Fujii

  • Joined Morioka Times Co., Ltd.
  • Secretary General, North Tohoku / Japan America Association
  • Scientist