Human resource development support


In the coastal area of ​​Iwate Prefecture, where there are few psychiatric resources, it is important to improve the mental health literacy of residents and strengthen the support of non-experts. At Kokoro-gake, we hold supporter training workshops to train human resources living in Iwate Prefecture and shift to “local independence support”. The "Basics" that started in 2014 has ended all 10 times, and since the 2015 month in 8, "Applications" all 6 times have been held.

Human resources responsible for the independence of the disaster-stricken community


In the “Disaster Recovery Mental Health Workshop Fundamentals” held from 2014 month of 9 to 2015 year of 6, there were 53 participants registered, and more than 10 participants participated in all 600 training sessions. . Approximately 70% of the students are women. There were many people who were employed in personal support positions (nurses, clinical psychologists, industrial counselors, social insurance laborers, teachers, etc.), and they were expected to have a high level of ability that could be used immediately. Of the participants who have participated continuously, 3 names have already participated in local support activities, and 6 names have participated in occupational support activities, and substantial results have been born in fostering independent supporters living in Iwate Prefecture. I feel that there is.
Opportunities for exchanges were also created through public workshops (held 3 times) with participation from government officials, academics, and other support organizations. I would like to link this to future interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary support activities.