Disaster recovery mental health training


3 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and mental health care for affected people has become an increasingly important issue in the coastal areas of Iwate Prefecture.
However, the lack of support specialists in the region before the earthquake has not been resolved.
In this project, students in Iwate Prefecture who are responsible for long-term reconstruction support and interpersonal support positions are disseminated and enlightened about mental health literacy, and the disaster-stricken community becomes independent through the development of next-generation mental health supporters. The foundation for social support.


Students in Iwate Prefecture or from Iwate Prefecture, interpersonal support positions (nurses, clinical psychologists, teachers, industrial counselors, etc.)



  • All 2014 times from 9 month in 2015 to 6 month in 10
  • Lecturers are specialists in disaster mental health both in Japan and overseas (interpreters for foreign lecturers)
  • Multiple venues such as Morioka, Kamaishi or Oiso, Sendai, Tokyo are connected by a video conference system.
  • ★ Anyone can participate in the extended public training (marked 3 times) marked with a mark.
  • A certificate of completion will be issued to those who participated more than 10 times.