About the logo

 Do you know the logo of the heart?A light blue tasuki arcs around the irregular hiragana "heart", and there is a loose loose knot underneath the tasuki. "Kokorogake" is a nickname that makes it easier to call the bridge of the mind, but it includes the message "Let's keep in mind" a regular and generous lifestyle that is important for physical and mental health. I'm going.The irregular Hirogana symbolizes the flexible collaboration of multidisciplinary professionals.The mental team consists of not only doctors, psychologists, nurses and psychiatric social workers, but also teachers, industrial counselors and ICT specialists.Ages and experiences vary.
 The word "bridge" reminds Iwate people of "I am not a bridge in the Pacific Ocean" by Professor Inazo Nitobe.It is also the Pacific Ocean that looks like a blue tasuki.Supporting the establishment and early activities of Kokorogake was the cross-sea morale and donations from the Japanese Medical Society of America and the Japan Society in New York.Dr. Shin Watato visited Iwate in May after the huge tsunami that struck Sanriku in March 1933, and left behind a hanging scroll that was written as Union is Power. It means "do it together".At that time, as the Deputy Secretary-General of the League of Nations, I was crushing my heart for world peace, and I think it is a word with such thoughts from every day.In the spirit of Shin Watato, one of our activities is to become a “bridge” between organizations that support reconstruction.However, if you try too hard together, it will usually run idle or flutter.The reason for the loose knot is that we want to respect each other and continue to work together for a long time without difficulty.
 Finally, the meaning of the gourd shape drawn by Tasuki is as wise.Kokorogake is a team that helps improve the mental health of men and women of all ages.Please join the salon first.We distribute leaflets every month.