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"Kokorogake" is continuing its long-term mental health support activities with the aim of helping the reconstruction of Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, which was greatly damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and neighboring areas.

"Kokorogake" is a paid volunteer team consisting of psychiatrists, nurses, clinical psychologists, mental health workers, career consultants, and industrial counselors. While utilizing their respective expertise, "remote support members" who are working in the Tokyo metropolitan area and "regional support members" who are working in Iwate Prefecture mainly cooperate with each other to carry out individual visits and salon activities on weekends.

The time has passed since the earthquake, when the children will go to school and work, and the youth will have time to build their nests. Elderly people grow older and their families change. “Kokorogake” will continue to flexibly respond to changes in the living environment and accompanying changes in mental health demand. In addition, we will continue to collaborate and collaborate with disaster mental health specialists in Japan and overseas to prepare for large-scale disasters that may occur in the future.

We would like to ask all of you for your long-term support, and for your continued support.

Advantages of preferential tax treatment for “NPOs”

Since our organization was certified as a “Certified NPO” on the date of 2015, month 3"Special deduction for donations from certified NPOs"Is subject to.You will need to submit a receipt to receive the deduction, so please let us know if you wish.

Examples of tax incentives

You can receive a tax credit of up to 2,000% of the donation minus 50 yen, including income tax and residence tax.


* This is just a reference example. The amount of tax reduction varies depending on the region and regulations where you live.

* In order to receive the deduction, you need to submit a proof of donation in the final tax return.

Issuance of receipt

In the case of "3,000. Donation from credit card" and "2. Transfer by transfer form" If you donate more than 12 yen, it will be automatically issued and sent to the registered address.In the case of donation from a credit card, the secretariat will be able to confirm the donation at the end of the month two months after the month of donation, so the receipt will arrive at hand. We appreciate your understanding that it will take some time. (For example, if you donate in December, we will send you a receipt in early March of the following year.)


In the case of "XNUMX. Donation from Japan Post Bank" Please let us know that you need a receipt in the registration form.


In the case of "XNUMX. Donations from YAHOO! JAPAN Online Fundraising Service" and "XNUMX. Donations from Mobile Phones / Smartphones" Please refer to the receipts on each site.

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    Reception formPlease enter the necessary information in, send it, and transfer it to the designated Japan Post Bank transfer account.Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the person making the donation.

    You can use Yahoo! Fundraising to make donations with credit cards and T points.

    For details, please see the Yahoo! Fundraising Special Page.


    5. Donations from mobile phones and smartphones

    SOFTBANK offers an app called "Connected Fundraising" that allows you to donate along with the payment of mobile phone usage fees.You can easily donate by simply holding the smartphone with the app installed over the logo of your heart.It is now possible to donate with T points from SoftBank smartphones and tablets.
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