love mago hand project

The Ai no Mago Te Project is a health support program for the elderly using ICT (information and communication technology such as personal computers and the Internet).


The aim is to help elderly people, who tend to be vulnerable to information because they do not have or cannot use information terminals, learn how to use ICT from university students, who are their grandchildren, so that they can use ICT independently and prevent mental and physical decline due to social isolation. is.


We have received comments from participants such as "I can now talk to my grandchildren over the Internet" and "I'm looking forward to interacting with university students." We hope that more people will make use of this project.Any elderly person living in Iwate Prefecture can participate.No cost.Please feel free to contact us.

Recruiting student supporters

We are also looking for student supporters who will support the use of ICT by the elderly. Even if you are not familiar with ICT, there is support from students and teachers who specialize in ICT.We look forward to the participation of students* who are interested in supporting the elderly.

*University students, junior college students, vocational school students

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