Introducing the activity members of the heart.


Mitsuru Suzuki

He spent his youth in Yokohama and Tokyo. At Iwate Medical University, he belongs to the equestrian department and lives with horses. Studied in London at the age of 31. Even though I have been there for 5 years, my English has not improved and my favorite movie is Mr. Bean. He loved the Nakatsu River in Morioka and returned as a samurai. Since middle age, he has been visiting the world over 120 cities, including the world pilgrimage, for mental health measures for Japanese residents living overseas. Originally a dog & horse school, but a late-blooming man who noticed the cuteness of a cat after the age of 50. I recently learned to taste brown rice. 12 years ago, I moved my headquarters to Tokyo for translation, but after the Great East Japan Earthquake, I returned to Iwate on the weekend. The teacher of the heart is Dr. Inazo Nitobe.
Vice President of the Multicultural Psychiatry Society. Director of NPO JAMSNET Tokyo.

Asaho Hasegawa

I'm from Nagoya, but currently live in Yamagata.After graduating from medical school, I experienced internal medicine training for about 5 years, but became interested in the psychological problems of the sick and became a psychiatrist.My specialty was liaison psychiatry and psychiatric emergency, but in recent years I have more opportunities to be involved in issues such as addiction and suicide.
In the event of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, I was involved in the establishment of "Kokorogake" with the desire to go to support the affected areas and make use of that experience.Currently working at the social medical corporation Kotokukai Yonezawa Kokoro Hospital (formerly Wakamiya Hospital).I used to hold a tea party with my favorite sweets during lunch break at my office, but I'm not doing it because of the corona sickness.I like music and belonged to choirs and rock bands when I was a student. In 2019, we performed live in a high school band that was reunited for the first time in more than 40 years.(


Koichi Nakamoto

Born in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.He graduated from Seiko Gakuin Junior and Senior High School in Yokohama.He longed for Watson Crick's DNA model, which was a hot topic at the time, and he aimed to become a biologist, but gave up after failing the exam.He entered the medical department of Hirosaki University, where he was able to take the biology exam.While in school, he devotes himself to sake and roses (band activities at the jazz lab).Unable to adapt to the language gap in Hirosaki, he returned to Kanagawa Prefecture to train at the Yokohama City University Hospital.After that he worked as a surgeon for about XNUMX years.After that, he became a medical officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was sent to Myanmar with his family (wife and children) in order to fulfill his longing for a foreign life.In an era when there was no internet, he was the only Japanese doctor in Myanmar and struggled as the ultimate “doctor solitary island”.Since then, he has worked with his family in Indonesia, India, New York, Tanzania and Ottawa.After that, he worked in Tokyo as the director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Clinic.Tired of living in Kasumigaseki and commuting every day, he decided to move to Iwate Prefecture, where his wife's parents lived.As head of the public health center, I am enjoying life in Iwate Prefecture, which has beautiful scenery and delicious food and sake.

Clinical psychologist

Yuko Murakami

We usually provide counseling for employees, training on mental health, consulting with company personnel and supervisors. In addition, we provide counseling to prep school students and support for Japanese living abroad and foreigners living in Japan.
I would like to be able to provide networking support that can bring out the power of individuals and expand the possibilities of the group.
My favorite things are the sea, mountains, drinking and eating. He enjoys diving and kayaking on the road. When you meet delicious local food, you'll be happy and want to make it at home. In the future, I'd like to eat delicious things with my own baked utensils.
What I don't like is Natto. I did my best, but I can't overcome it.

Masaki Fukushima

Born in Saitama Prefecture, went to the US at the age of 18 to study abroad. He joined an IT company at the age of 25, but left the company in 3 due to hard work. However, I wanted to be a counselor that I wanted to do, so I never entered graduate school. After graduation, I have been counseling at the psychiatric “Mejirosora Clinic” in Tokyo.
He specializes in multicultural psychiatry and noncultural maladjustment. The clinic provides consultations for overseas refugees. Since I was in graduate school, I had a connection with Tohoku, and I have been supporting and cooperating in various projects including this project. My hobbies are fishing every week, and it's a real “fishing diary”. I dream about fishing big fish someday in Tohoku.

Keiko Taguchi

After graduating from high school, studied abroad in California, USA.After studying clinical psychology and developmental psychology at university and graduate school, he returned to Japan.Received training at the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, Hamamatsu University Hospital, and worked at clinics, schools, counseling offices, etc.
Since November 2018, I have been working as a clinical psychologist at the Futakotamagawa office of Tokyo International Psychotherapy (TIP), which specializes in counseling overseas people living in Japan.Through counseling in English and Japanese for people of all ages, from children to adults, for family relationships, developmental disabilities, maladaptation at school and work, eating disorders and body image problems We are supporting you.My hobby is camping, and I enjoy exploring the wilderness inherited from my grandmother and creating a private campsite.Believing in the power of children, I would like to continue supporting activities for those who support them.

Nurse / Health nurse

Yuriko Tanabe

Currently, I am a faculty member at a university in Kanagawa prefecture.His specialty is psychiatric nursing, and he is involved in support for people with mental illness, prevention of elder abuse, and mental health care for medical care workers.
I lived in Iwate at the time of the earthquake.It was sad, but I realized that I was helped and supported by people.I participate in activities while thinking about what I can do for my favorite Iwate.I am looking forward to chatting with everyone in Otsuchi while having a cup of tea.Seasonal seafood and mountain food.

Miki Aoyagi

I was born and raised in Shiga, a land of "Omi (Takashima) merchants" who are familiar with Iwate prefecture.It started when I went to Bolivia with the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, and even after I got married and moved to Tokyo, it didn't settle in Tokyo for some reason.When I was assigned to a nursing university in Iwate, I learned about the activities of my heart and had the opportunity to participate.I have lived in Iwate prefecture for three years, but I have traveled through all the cities, towns and villages by car (mostly at the health center for work, traveling only one place), and I have felt the spaciousness and beauty of nature.I also visited Nishiwaga Town in the harsh winter, and even a little bit of the harshness of the snow.Currently, I am involved in nursing home care and training of health nurses at a university in Aichi prefecture.

I went to various places, but each area has its own goodness and history.I want to take good care of it.

Shinko Yonezawa

Born and raised in Iwate.Although Iwate was raised inland,The first time I saw the ocean was when I was in the XNUMXth grade of elementary school.It was the shore.More than 40 years ago,That blue and magnificent sight is still engraved in my heart.

Currently lives in Shizukuishi with his beloved Pomeranian dog.You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons of the forest right behind.

After graduating from a local nursing school/public health nurse school, she worked at a hospital/town hall·Nursing vocational school and visiting nursing station and many valuable experiencesThen we were.I have no hobbies,37 years have passed in the blink of an eye since I devoted myself to nursing work.

For me, my favorite field of nursing is 'community'.Currently, we will visit the homes of those who are mainly going to the psychiatric hospital,I work at a visiting nursing station that provides mental care.

The activities of Kokorogake areAt the same time as being an important place where you can meet local people directly,, It is also a place to reunite with nursing, which I have left unfinished.
I learned to 'care and be cared for' through activities.そ し て,I am always filled with gratitude for everyone I met.
We look forward to working with you in the future.

Mental health worker

Akiko Ito Regional Cooperation Manager

As a regional cooperation manager for the heart, I am in charge of local activities and coordinating activities. Lived in Kamaishi since 2012 month in 4, working with mental care members on weekends while working on mental care related business. Previously, he worked for a long time at a psychiatric hospital in Tokyo and was interested in regional medical cooperation and human rights issues for people with mental disorders. It also serves as an adult guardian of people with mental disabilities. I think that the role is to expand the network and collect the voices of everyone in the activities so that the activities of the heart can be rooted in the region and to help the residents and related organizations as much as possible.

Industrial counselor

Makoto Tada

Born in Tochigi prefecture. Lives in Iwate prefecture. In his 20s, he was an automobile manufacturer engaged in the design development of sports cars and concept cars. Settled in Iwate at the age of 30, and while developing semiconductor manufacturing equipment at an attracting company, he travels around as a domestic and overseas technology sales company for his own products.Although he was absent and was treated as a "other uncle" by his second son, he loved airplanes and spent several years of bliss. Before he was 40 years old, he took a lecture at a junior college and was passionate about training designers. For the last four years, he worked hard to train auto mechanics and secure human resources. Before I was 50 years old, I acquired an industrial counselor and a career consultant, and I have received many connections through counselor activities, and I am indebted to you here.Currently, while running a seminar for working adults and serving as a lecturer, I am chasing the sunset with a drone. (One company) General Manager of Iwate Prefecture Administration Department, Tohoku Branch of Japan Industrial Counselor Association.Other qualifications are furniture hand processing first-class technician and drone pilot.

Everyone who has supported the activity so far

  • Takeshi Tanaka
  • Hiroshi Yamamoto
  • Michiko Watari
  • Keiko Kusaka
  • Toshio Izeki
  • Nobue Nakata
  • Satoko Kagata
  • Masaki Kawahori
  • Mie Akasaki
  • Hiroshi Yamanaka
  • Michiko Okamoto