Introduction of cooperation and support organizations

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported and supported our activities. Thank you very much for your supports.


Japan Platform

logoA certified NPO that supports international NGOsJapan Platform(JPF)is.


Japan Society

JapanSocietyAn American non-profit organization supported by individuals, foundations, mutual understanding, appreciation and cooperation that closely brings Japanese people to the United States.


jmsa-logo-smJMSA: Japanese Medical Society of America.

The Major League Baseball Players Trust

players_trustThe Players Trust is the charitable foundation of the Major League Baseball Players Association.

JAMSNET: Japanese Medical Support Network in New Yourk

jamsnetlogoA group established for the purpose of exchanging information and building mutual cooperation between medical Japanese support groups (NPOs) around New York.

Non profit organization jams net Tokyo

JAMSnet-tokyo-LOGOJapanese Medical Support Network of Tokyo. Medical knowledge, etc. for people overseas and in Japan is posted, and consultations in case of problems are accepted. A network of medical professionals, therapists, alternative treatments, self-help groups, and volunteers.

“Shinkin Bonds” Reconstruction Support Project

“Shinkin no Kizuna” Reconstruction Support Project is a “local bond,” which includes reconstruction of grassroots daily life and the regeneration of local communities and cultures by private non-profit organizations for the reconstruction of the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Is a project to support activities that connect.





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